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Photo Bomb.



This is so cute - http://instagram.com/p/nG1Jwjt_gT/ 

Driving across town to get a cake at Porto’s during rush hour: 60 Minutes. Setting up and gathering most of the crew in The Commissary for the event: 30 Minutes. Getting an actor out of rehearsal and behind a kitchen to hand him the cake for the big-reveal: 15 Minutes. Surprising The most awesome/fashionable Art Director in the business with a surprise going away party and a cake delivered by “The Love of Her Life” (Other than her husband, duh) Mr. Alexander Skarsgård “Eric” himself on her last day: PRICELESS!

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ASkars - Coachella 2014

ASkars - Coachella 2014

Viking Eric

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Always with the hand gestures while talking on the cell.

2014 & 2010

LOL! Love his hand gestures.